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Image from Sacred Foods
Image from Sacred Foods

Infused Home-Made Artisan Ghee Butter

“From ghee flows the sustenance of all the worlds”

The Mahabharata

Our product is made from the highest quality of organic grassfed butter. We are conscious about following food trends and have a genuine desire to change the perception of good vs bad fats. Our aim is to try and introduce the traditional benefits of an ancient philosophy and its health benefits and make functional food accessible to all. As good fats go, ghee has it all!

Our ingredients are carefully sourced using the highest quality produce. The ghee is lovingly produced in our kitchen in small batches and hand poured into our glass jars.


"Really delicious flavours and lovely rich colour and soft texture. I've enjoyed using the turmeric ghee in all of my eastern recipes and even some traditional western recipes . My daughter has enjoyed using the vanilla ghee in her baking. Will definitely buy it!"

Tamara Campbell

"The Turmeric ghee is really delicious, especially used as a base for making an omelette or scrambled eggs."

Charlotte Krag

"Sacred foods has provided us with a versatile range of infused ghee. It's been a real eye-opener! We've used the ghee in different dishes. The vanilla ghee has been a particular favourite of my kids - we even baked my daughter's birthday cake with it and it was delicious!"

Kamna M

"Loved the Herb de Provence drizzled all over my baked potato and Vanilla ghee spread on my toast!"

Suzue Aoyama