Sacred Foods was born from a shared passion for all things delicious - made with one essential ingredient: love – and the mutual understanding and belief, that food feeds more than our bodies: it can nourish our soul.


Ghee is clarified  butter in its purest form: golden delicious, nutritious, both dairy and lactose free.  It’s a traditional, sacred food - nourishing, comforting and purifying – a restorative to the body and soul.


We produce our batches in small quantities, infused with an alchemy of flavours – both sweet and savoury – of locally sourced, organic and sustainable ingredients and milk from grass-fed, happy cows.


Anu: Co-founder

Anu grew up believing food was a display of love, rather than just for sustenance.  Her childhood memories are filled with the aromatic scent of pounded herbs, piquant jars of homemade chutney, floury hands rolling dough and sticky fingers eating golden brown jaggery from the heart of her mother’s home in India: the kitchen.


Passionate about locally sourced organic produced and home-cooked food, Anu is a qualified health coach.


“In India, ghee has always been a sacred and a celebrated symbol of nourishment and healing; especially in the daily rituals of cooking and worship. Vast, complex, festive menus, lavish spreads and feasts were a regular part of our life. A recent discovery that my great grandmother exported homemade ghee to Burma was a weird and wonderful coincidence.”


Family, friends, travelling, dancing and reading bring her joy. Yoga, headspace and crystals are her current obsessions.


Michelle: Co-founder

Born into a big and beautiful Lebanese family in South Africa, Michelle spent her weekends helping prepare family meals.  Luscious home-cooked food was the centre of every gathering where the fragrant, delectable smells and delicious tastes were a firm and happy memory.  “Food is all about love, and there was a lot of love.”


After studying business management, Michelle began a career in setting up and establishing private medical clinic.  Now living in England, a mother of two energetic boys and wife to cyclist husband, Michelle’s family are spread all over the world, yet cooking is still a deep-seated passion and love, shared with many friends.